Autodiscover SRV-Eintrag anlegen

Manchmal kann es nötig sein, einen Autodiscover Eintrag nicht als A-Record sondern als SRV Record anzulegen

In your DNS zone editor ad a SRV record with the following information:

  • Service _autodiscover

  • Protocol _tcp

  • Name   Enter one of the following values:

    • Enter @ if your registered domain is your cloud-based domain. For example, if your registered domain is and your cloud-based domain is, enter @.

    • Enter the subdomain name if your cloud-based domain is a subdomain of your registered domain. For example, if your registered domain is, but your cloud-based domain is the subdomain, enter test.

  • Priority 10  (or as per your design)

  • Weight 10  (or as per your design)

  • Port 443

  • Target   (in the example above this was

  • TTL   Verify that an appropriate TTL is selected, 1 hour is a common default.  (If you are approaching a migration, this should be decremented to allow for quicker cutover)